Meet Meryn!

The planet needs our support and we know children are ready to jump in to help! We call those kids Earth Rangers, and the world needs more of them. Sharing inspiring stories is one way to spread the word about the power of eco-action. Our Earth Month Showcase is the chance to meet Super Rangers and their parents. Happy reading!
1. We love hearing about our members! Can you share a story about your eco-action?
Meryn: I’ve been an Earth Ranger for three years and in my free time I enjoy being an Earth Ranger. Once I completed the Operation Conservation mission, I started to draw signs to hang in our house to put near the light switches, by the taps, near the thermostat to remind us to be “green”. Mom: Meryn is a very curious, self-motivated child. She so looks forward to our visits to her grandma’s farm where she savours nature! When Meryn discovered the Earth Rangers App, she connected instantly with the program.
2. What excites you most about being an Earth Ranger?
Meryn: I enjoy it because it isn’t just for fun, I’m doing it for a good reason – saving animals and the earth they live on. I’ve learned so many fun facts about animals that I wouldn’t know without Earth Rangers. I enjoy watching the videos with the Animal Ambassadors.
3. We’d love to know! What is your favourite animal and why?
Meryn: I love the red fox because it has such a big fuzzy tail which it uses as a blanket. Isn’t having a built-in blanket interesting? Last year I had a red fox theme birthday party at the Nature Centre. The interpreter taught us facts about them and we even made some red fox crafts.
4. What kind of activities have you participated in through the app?
Meryn: I have already completed 18 missions! The app encourages me to get outside more and be active. I like dressing up my avatar in seasonal clothing. Leveling up is a fun way to complete more missions and receive more items for your avatar. I really like the Earth Rangers Podcast because you learn so much from them. My mom and I listen Adelia Goodwin’s Secret Journal together. I also like adopting animals and knowing I am helping them. So far, I’ve adopted the great horned owl, the red fox and Arctic fox.
5. Tell us about one activity in particular that your child really connected with.
Mom: Meryn has connected with so many of the missions and is keen to recreate charts, posters and activities in her day-to-day world. Meryn committed to the Stash the Trash mission and we would collect litter from the neighbourhood weekly. She was so keen that she started to do that during recess with her friends. Before long an entire class and even the principal would be collecting litter with her!
6. Has their eco-action had a ripple effect on the family and friends?
Mom: Meryn’s commitment to being an Earth Ranger has extended to her family and friends. She will post little eco-challenges on my Facebook page and she will get a great response taking up the challenge with her. She has had friends at school also become Earth Rangers at school and they look forward to chatting about the missions at recess.
7. What do you think is one of the most important things your child has learned as an Earth Ranger member?
Meryl: You should always think Green – think about being respectful to nature and the creatures living in it. Now we reduce, reuse and recycle as much as we can. We only use reusable bags. I use a lunch kit with dividers so I don’t have much waste.
8. As a parent, what do you think of Earth Rangers programs?
Mom: I think the Earth Rangers program is so wonderful! It has such a blend of being interactive, entertaining and educational. My daughter is so engaged and she feels so self-motivated and empowered to support conservation. I feel she is developing habits and approaches that will last a lifetime. I am learning so many good habits and facts as an adult! Thank you, Earth Rangers!