Meet Tyler!

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The planet needs our support, and sharing inspiring stories is one way to spread the word about the power of eco-action! Our Earth Month Showcase is the chance to meet Super Rangers and their parents. Lester from Memphis, Tennessee has an enthusiastic Earth Ranger on his hands! Meet 10-year old Tyler.
1. Tell us a little bit about your animal-saving hero.
Tyler is very determined when he has his mind set on something. He won’t rest until it’s complete. He likes to accept missions to make his environment better and earn points in the app.
2. So we’d love to know! What is Tyler’s favourite animal and why?
Bears, because they’re very big and tall!
3. Tell us about one activity in particular that your child really connected with.
One of the activities he enjoyed the most was picking up plastic waste and disposing of it. It’s really important for him to keep his environment clean and waste free.
4. As a parent, what do you think of Earth Rangers programs?
Stay tuned for more stories in our Earth Month Showcase!