A New Generation of Wildlife Heroes

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In celebration of Earth Month, Earth Rangers and Dawn are joining forces to empower the next generation of Wildlife Heroes! This exciting partnership will inspire kids to protect animals and the planet, one shoreline at a time.

We’re encouraging kids across the United States to accept the Shoreline Saver Mission, one of the most fun and impactful activities you can do in the Earth Rangers App. When kids accept their Mission, they will learn about the impacts of litter on shoreline ecosystems, and how to lead their own cleanup (with help from family and friends) to create healthier habitats for aquatic and shoreline species.

But it doesn’t stop there – every U.S. Earth Ranger who completes the Shoreline Saver Mission will also receive a FREE Digital Adoption of either a harbor seal or a loon! And for each of those adoptions, Dawn will make a donation to International Bird Rescue or The Marine Mammal Center.

Why Harbor Seals?

Harbor seals are widespread species along both the U.S. East and West coasts. While they are incredible swimmers, they spend about half of their time on land where they “haul out” to rest, digest, and care for their young. Unfortunately, harbor seals are extremely susceptible to human disturbance, fishing gear entanglement, oil spills, and both water and land pollution. Donations to The Marine Mammal Center will support the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured, and orphaned harbor seals and many other marine mammals impacted by shoreline pollution. Once they’re given a clean bill of health, they’re released back into the wild where they can live healthy lives for years to come!

Why Loons?

The common loon spends almost its entire life on the water, and are especially sensitive to oil spills since loons dive rather than fly when they encounter oil slicks. Loons and other aquatic birds are also regularly impacted by threats like habitat destruction, plastic pollution, fishing hook lacerations, and fishing line entanglements. Donations to International Bird Rescue will support the care of rescued loons and other aquatic birds like brown pelicans, western gulls, American coots, great blue herons, and snowy egrets!

We hope you’ll join us in helping to protect shoreline species this Earth Month!

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