Braving the Cold for Bobolinks


Meet six-year-old Kaylee, an advocate for animals even when it’s cold outside! This winter Kaylee started a Bring Back the Wild campaign for the bobolink and has put some creative ideas into action to raise funds to protect these amazing songbirds.

To kick off her campaign, Kaylee set up a hot chocolate stand on her street during -14 winter weather and sold hot chocolate with marshmallows for two hours. She also sold her play kitchen along with some other toys and is doing extra chores around the house to raise funds for her campaign.
Hot Chocolate Stand_Kaylee

Kaylee is a dedicated Earth Ranger and recycles plastic, cardboard and other recyclables, picks up litter from the walking trails near her home, makes sure the birds in her yard have plenty of seeds all year long and loves to work in the garden.

Already thinking about how she can help animals in the future, Kaylee would like to be an animal rescuer when she grows up. “It’s important to help animals because they don’t have a voice and we need to protect their homes so they don’t go extinct.

Thank you Kaylee for sharing your story and for everything you are doing to protect animals!

If you would like to help protect bobolinks like Kaylee you can start your own Bring Back the Wild campaign. For more fundraising ideas check out the Fundraising Toolkit.


  1. We wanted to do that but put it on a sled and bring it to the park so it was movable but agen someone beat me to it