Earth Ranger Michelle’s Animal Saving Tour in Canada and Costa Rica


Earth Ranger Michelle is taking her animal saving adventure on the road as she travels with her family from her home in Canada to Costa Rica! This globe-trotting Earth Ranger first started a Bring Back the Wild campaign for the swift fox because she thinks “it’s a cute animal” and because she “wanted to help it because it’s becoming endangered”. Once she started her campaign, Michelle and her Mom got started planning out their fundraising strategy, which included an event at a local retirement home. Now Michelle is travelling with her family to Costa Rica where she plans to continue raising support for the protection of animals.

Michelle also makes small steps every day to help the environment which has a big impact. She doesn’t waste paper, makes sure lights are off when she’s not in the room and doesn’t waste water by doing things like shutting the tap off while she brushes her teeth. She helps her family at the grocery store too by bringing reusable bags instead of using plastic ones.

We asked Super Ranger Michelle why it’s important to protect the environment and here’s what she had to say.

It’s important because later on in the future our world will become a disaster if we don’t take care of the animals and the environment now.

Thanks Earth Ranger Michelle for helping to protect the environment!


  1. I can’t belive how all of you super rangers are called super rangers you guys should be called “awesome earth rangers”

  2. hi can you make a post about rainy doy activities that are good for the enviroment that arent outside . ,
    thankyou ,
    earth ranger kristabear