Earth Month 2023

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The World Needs More Earth Rangers

The planet needs our help and kids are motivated to act! We call those kids Earth Rangers and the world needs more of them. Earth Rangers is the largest youth conservation organization in the world, committed to empowering a new generation of environmental leaders. We instill knowledge, positivity, and the confidence to take action in children. Earth Month is the most important time of the year for us, and to celebrate, we have a host of special things planned. Like what you ask? To start, we’re launching two NEW Missions!

The Bring a Friend Mission inspires our animal-saving members to help spread the word about the awesome benefits of being an Earth Ranger.  Saving wildlife and their habitats is a team sport and the more champions that join the better. We’ve also launched an Earth Month exclusive gold card.  Every new member gets one AND so does the Earth Ranger who signs up a friend!

In the app

We have a special event happening in the app that will sure to be a hit.  Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt?  Kids can explore around the app looking for clues to unlock cool items for their avatars. This is a next-level expedition, since the kids have to answer riddles along the way!

Helping to support wildlife

What can YOU do to help animals that need our support this Earth Month? Our symbolic Wildlife Adoptions Program directly supports conservation work in the field.  And keeping with the celebration theme, we’re offering FREE shipping on all Adoption Kits during Earth Week, April 16-23!  Now is the perfect time to pick up a plushie for the animal-lover in your life.

Earth Month Showcase

What better way to inspire kids than by sharing the stories of amazing members who have become Super Earth Rangers? We put out the call to parents, asking them to share stories about their kids crushing it as Earth Rangers. Each week, throughout the month of April, we’ll share the remarkable submissions we received from all over Canada and United States.