Eco-Activity: Join Captain Conservation’s Crew and help catch the Earth Rangers Most Wanted!


The Earth Rangers Most Wanted are on the loose, and Captain Conservation needs your help to stop them! The Terrible Tap and Power Phantom are just two of the energy-wasting villains you might find lurking in the shadows of your home, and for today’s eco-activity, we’re challenging YOU to help us take them down. Do you have what it takes?!

Next, review your Top Secret Case File to learn more about how to stop the Most Wanted!

Known for: stealing energy through unused electronics

Stop it by: Unplugging things like small appliances and electronics when they’re not in use

Known for: using up all the water you have in your home 

Stop it by: Using less water when you brush your teeth, take a bath, or run your washing machine

Mark your calendars, Earth Rangers: this Saturday is Earth Hour! This annual event is held every spring and encourages people all over the world to flick off the lights at the same time for an entire hour. It might not feel like switching off your lights can do much, but when millions of people across the globe do it, the impact of this small action can be pretty big! Grab some candles, your favourite snacks, and a couple of board games or books and settle in for an hour of old-fashioned family fun this Saturday – oh, and don’t forget to give high-fives all around for saving the planet at the same time!


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