Eco-Activity: Celebrate Earth Month by showing off your love for animals!


April is our favourite. It’s a month that’s all about the animals! Well okay, every month is all about the animals here at Earth Rangers… but Earth Month is a special time every year when we call on YOU to join our team and show your love, so for today’s eco-activity we’re doing just that!

With the help of an adult, print an animal cutout (or draw them yourself, if you’re feeling extra creative!), fill in the blanks, then tag us on Facebook or Instagram and use #EarthMonthForAnimals when you post on social for your chance to be featured!

  • Owl: I love owl animals because _______
  • Beluga: I think animals are whale-y awesome because _____
  • Otter: I think everyone otter protect animals because _______
  • Bee: Here’s what I think makes animals un-bee-lievable: _____________________
  • Grizzly: I can bear-ly contain my love for animals because ____________________

Want to do more for animals this Earth Month? 

Visit to learn more about our Wildlife Adoptions Program, which supports real life conservation projects to help protect the animals we love!