Spring Green-Up Challenge


Hey Earth Rangers, did you hear? Spring has arrived and so has your Spring Green-Up Challenge! For this mission, we have come up with 8 challenges that you can do to make your life a little greener.



Did you know that over 20,000 species around the world are at risk of extinction? That’s a shocking number and over 670 of those species are found right here in Canada. Unfortunately, human actions are often the cause of many of the threats these species are facing, like habitat loss, climate change, invasive species and pollution!


Every little bit helps!

That’s why for this mission we’ve come up with 8 activities you can do with your family and friends to help animals and their homes. These challenges might seem simple, but if enough people do them, it can make a HUGE difference! Click on the challenges below to learn more.

Get outside and Get Planting
Make your own snacks at home
Properly recycle paint and aerosol cans
Walk or ride your bike instead of driving
Unplug electronics when they aren’t being used
Make your windows bird-friendly
Turn off your electronics and play outside
Pick up garbage from your neighbourhood

What you have to do to complete your Spring Green-Up Challenge.

bike ride
1. Accept your Spring Green-Up Challenge and download your Mission Brief
2. Review the challenges with your family and choose at least 5 to complete
3. Learn more about each challenge by clicking on the challenges above or by visiting Earthrangers.com/wildwire/my-missions/spring-green-up-extras
4. Use the checklist to keep track of the challenges you’ve completed
5. When you’re done, visit EarthRanger.com/missions to let us know how you did and earn your badge for your Achievement Wall


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