Project 2050 provides a fun and easy way for children and their families to contribute to the fight against climate change and help Canada achieve its goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050!  Named after Canada’s climate goal, Project 2050 teaches children that our habits can have a big impact on the planet, and by working together, we can build a more climate-resilient future!

Project 2050 offers a series of ambitious Challenges built to tackle the top offenders of GHG emissions in Canada. Children are offered a series of climate-friendly habits they can adopt at home, at school and in their communities to help them reduce their carbon footprint and have a real collective impact.

Working together is a key component of Challenges, and while many of the habits are individual, they contribute to larger goals that can only be achieved by working together.

Children can access Project 2050 through the Earth Rangers App and on They are encouraged to log their habits, track goal progress and earn meaningful rewards as milestones are reached.

Sneak peek of Project 2050 on the Earth Rangers App

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