Animal Protector Jovanna


Jovanna is a girl with a passion for protecting animals and their homes! This nature lover has done so much for so many animals, and the American Badger is no exception. We were blown away by Jovanna’s efforts to help the American badger and spread the word about their threats and challenges so we’ve asked her to share her awesome story!

Meet Jovanna

Hi! My name is Jovanna and I am ten years old!

I have loved animals since I was just a baby, especially animals you could keep as a pet. Then, I only had a dog and a cat but now, I have a dog, two cats, two horses Climbing treesand four fish! My passion for critters large and small has developed beyond just pets. Now, I love animals found in the wild just as much. Part of my love for animals comes from having spent so much time on my family’s farm, where I have seen many, many creatures. At the farm, I like skiing, hiking and climbing trees. As a result of all this, I am very connected to nature.

When I found out so many wild animals were endangered, I was very upset. Since then, I have done many fundraisers for animals, including the panda, tiger and polar bear too. I believe that every person should do their part to preserve nature. I feel very, very strongly about that, and so when the opportunity to fundraise for Earth Rangers came up, I was so excited!

I heard about the charity through my friends at school where Earth Rangers had previously visited. They were very impressed with the presentation, so they joined Earth Rangers to protect the Wood Thrush, and Woodland Caribou. They recommended it to me, as well. So, I went on the website and created an account to help save the American Badger.

American badger

Wow! I never knew FUN-draising could be so fun! I like playing the games, and reading the blog, but mostly, I love raising money, knowing it’s going to a great charity, and a great cause. I sent out a few e-mails, and the results were remarkable! Lots of the people I contacted donated, and sent e-mails back. They were so supportive! I got so inspired that I wanted to enlighten and empower more people by spreading the word and asking for donations. I did this by visiting my neighbours. I made an information sheet with facts about the American badger’s threats, what donations would help with, and the charity, Earth Rangers. I also included the name and picture of the American Badger. Lots of people were inspired, most donated, and 4 people even created accounts for their own children. By the end of my campaign, I had raised more money than I ever thought I could. It was amazing!

I love Earth Rangers because it is interactive, inspiring, friendly and empowers CHILDREN. I recommend Earth Rangers to anyone who loves animals, and wants to make a difference.

Thanks, Jovanna! You have done some outstanding work and we are glad to have you as a member of the Super Ranger team! Look out for another update from Jovanna this April as she shares with us her Top Ten Ways Kids Can Help the Environment

You can help protect animals and their homes just like Jovanna by starting your own Bring Back the Wild campaign 

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