Introducing Amazing Alice


We caught up with an amazing girl named Alice who is helping to protect the Jefferson Salamander.  This Super Ranger has some inspirational words to share and who better to tell it then Alice herself:

alice super rangerHi! My name is Alice!

I am 5 years old and I am a Super Ranger! I love learning about Dinosaurs, Space, Insects and Reptiles.

Everyday I spend time on my computer playing lots of Animal games and I love reading all about wild animals no matter how gross, slimy or dangerous. I even have my very own Ant Farm! At my house, we grown all our own veggies, and herbs… even pumpkins! Even though I am only 5 and I have Autism, I am big enough and smart enough to do big things everyday!

Ranger Deed

I became an Earth Ranger when I was watching YTV and my favorite person CARLOS said he was being an Earth Ranger. He inspired me to join his team and so I chose to help save the Jefferson Salamander.

It didn’t take me long to reach my goal to save the Salamander with my amazing Family and Friends donating what they could. When I completed my goal, I was invited to a party and I was given an award by the Leader of the Green Party of Canada, Elizabeth May, “in recognition of valuable contributions to the protection of our environment.”

Everyday there are new, hard challenges for me. I do what I can, the best I can. My Mom and Dad are so proud of me. This was a special project for me because I did it and I loved it!

Words of Wisdom

Everyone should take care of the environment…Because it will help more nature and animals grow and Because Wild Animals need help to survive, even monkeys and elephants.

If you want to help Alice Bring Back the Wild™ visit her campaign page and show your support!

Who should be the next Super Ranger? Tell us whose amazing acts of green we should feature!

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