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Animal Ambassadors

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PageHeaders_Main2 the bald eagleFinn the fox
Sammy the servalshelly the spotted turtleEcho the barn owl
Eurasian LynxAnimal Ambassador blue the peregrine falconCosmo the ring-tailed lemur
PageTiles_DoraForrest the foxFinigan bald eagle
Linus the harris hawk


  1. Elizabethciccolini says:



  2. Add1son says:

    SAMMY and HUDSON are so cute! i love animals!


  3. Add1son says:

    i love earth rangers you get to save animals!


    ascape Reply:

    i love animals their cute


  4. rangerlucy24 says:

    cool animals


  5. jorjatheearthranger says:

    aww forrest is sooooooooo! cute


  6. Erynn7 says:

    I love the foxes they are so cute!!!


  7. Dundasearthranger says:

    anamals rock


  8. FluffleProtector says:

    All of them are adorable!


  9. Ririm says:

    I love Dora but not the TV show


    wolfpaw2 Reply:

    Dear earth rangers can you get a new abasoader like a cute wolf pup named wolfy or a hyena named joe or something like that and the earth rangers us pick what WE want not three options like for the foxes no WE pick please


  10. cougarforever says:

    Wheres Ms. krimsy the red tegu? srsly!


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