Gift Wrapping Station

Put your gift wrapping skills to good use!

Whether it’s for a holiday, birthday, mother’s day or father’s day, gifts always need wrapping. Why not organize a Gift Wrapping Station to collect donations for your Bring Back the Wild Campaign! Just ask people to bring you their gifts and wrap them for a small donation.



  • Choose a specific time and place for your gift wrapping session.
  • Invite some friends to help out so you can get even more wrapping done.
  • Have an adult to supervise (and help out with some of the trickier gifts).
  • Put up a poster to let people know about your Gift Wrapping Station.



  1. To add on this, why don’t you do a present sale? Before Christmas, find all of your old toys, books, and jewlery that you don’t use any more, and organise a present sale. Maybe make some handmade ornaments, too, and play some Christmas music. Sell things at a low price ( $1-$5) and people are sure to show up. They can get a load of their Christmas shopping done at once for cheap.


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