After being approached by a rather agitated lady in the Sherpa Barista Bakery, Emma is shocked to discover that this mysterious person thinks she stole Adelia Goodwin’s secret journal! Emma quickly realizes that this individual must have known Adelia at some point. In order to gain her trust and prove her identity as an Earth Ranger, Emma has to answer three questions about animals and get at least two of them right! Can she do it? Can this mysterious figure tell her more about Adelia’s disappearance?  

Emma sure had her work cut out for her to answer Dr. Juliette Giri’s questions! Test your animal knowledge below:

Which of the following animals is the main source of food for snow leopards in the Himalayas? A) the red isopod B) the green yak C) the yellow snake D) the blue sheep

Blue sheep! Check them out in the photo below. They’re not actually blue, and they’re more closely related to a goat than a sheep.

These are bahral sheep (also known as the blue sheep)! They’re the main source of food for snow leopards in the Himalays.

Of the Panthera genus –which species is most closely related to snow leopards:

Snow leopards are most closely related to Tigers! Did you get it right?

True or False: snow leopards have a roar that’s louder than a Jaguar’s but less loud than a Lion’s

Check out this video curtesy of BWCDO, Snow Leopard Conservancy, and The White Lion Foundation for the answer. Click here to learn about their partnership project conserving snow leopards in the Karakoram Mountains!

False! In fact, snow leopards can’t roar at all!

Stay tuned for more episodes to find out what happens next!

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