Big Splash Challenge

New Challenge alert! Ready to make a splash? Look for “Big Splash” in the Challenges section of the Earth Rangers App!

Dive into the deep blue and discover the secrets of the water that covers our planet. We’ve got a treasure trove of mermaid-approved tricks to help you save water! Join this Challenge to uncover small, everyday habits that make a big difference to the planet.

When you dive into this challenge, you can enjoy…

Seaweed Supper
Ever tried seaweed and kelp soup? How about sea grass soufflé? Merpeople love a good meatless meal, and you can too! Veggies, grains, and legumes need less water to produce and can be super-tasty!
Rain, rain, don’t go away!
Next time it’s pouring outside, try putting out a bucket to catch all those raindrops. You can use it to wash your bike, outside toys, or water your indoor plants.
Doing Dishes for the Fishes
Help your family make climate-friendlier dishwashing choices, whether using a dishwasher, or by hand!

Drip Detective
Use YOUR detective skills to find drips by checking the taps around your house. If you find a drip, that’s a tap that is wasting water.
A Winning Grin!
Here’s an easy way for YOU to conserve water while you make your smile shine: turn off the tap while you brush your teeth.

Smartest Fish in the Sea
Merpeople love to read and learn all about…well…everything! You can do a deep dive into understanding how climate change impacts water with them.
Shower Power
We use a LOT of water every minute while showering! By having a quick shower, you can help save water.

One Cool Washer
When you’re helping out on laundry day, be sure to wash your clothes in cold water instead of hot. It takes a ton of energy to heat the water!

Log your climate-friendly habits to help us reach our 120,000 habit goal, and unlock a donation to water conservation. You can also unlock treasures like a coloring page, sand dollar cookie recipe, and a shell necklace for your avatar. Let’s make a BIG SPLASH!

Join the Big Splash Challenge now! Together, we can create waves of positive change.