Calling all Earthlings—your planet needs you!

New Challenge alert! Are you ready to join the Earth Defence Squad and show climate change who’s boss? Look for this Challenge in the Earth Rangers App and on

You probably already know that climate change is causing lots of trouble on Planet Earth. What you might not know is that you’ve got some seriously cool climate-change-defeating superpowers inside of you. When you join the Earth Defence Squad Challenge, we’ll show you how to unleash them. In no time, you’ll be…

Triggering Transformations
Launching the Energy Zapper
Activating Magnetism
Using your Super Climbing Skills
Initiating Brain Blasts
Applying Invisibility

Engaging Your Force Field

Use your powers every day to help slow down climate change! Don’t forget to log them in the Earth Rangers App or on so you can earn some cool rewards.

When we reach the community goal of logging 60,000 habits, a donation will go towards helping protect nature’s own superheroes: pollinators! Plus, you’ll unlock a top secret video all about these amazing creatures and the work they do to help keep us alive!

Join the Earth Defence Squad Challenge now, and climate change won’t stand a chance.

Which superpower will you be using? Let us know in the comments!