Check Out The Canon Backyard Biologist Contest Winners!


In order to teach kids about biodiversity in their own backyard, we teamed up with Canon to bring them the backyard bio contest! Earth Rangers took to local nature areas (their backyards included) in order to capture incredible photos of plants, animals, and other living things (like fungi or insects). Since today is World Photography Day, it’s a great day to highlight some of our amazing Earth Ranger photographers.

The Earth Rangers below took some truly spectacular photos! To celebrate their work, Canon Canada has rewarded these winners with their very own Canon Powershot camera so that they can continue their wildlife photography!

Check out these beautiful photos!

Best Animal: Maverik

Congratulations Maverik!

I love frogs and salamanders. We have a few favourite spots where we can see tadpoles every year and we love to come and watch their progression through the spring and summer. We think this one is a Pacific Tree Frog (or Pacific Chorus Frog). The big black line beside its eyes helps the identification of this frog. Most of them in our area are green, but I liked this one with it’s different colouring. We have looked up in books and online (the BC government has a great page about the frogs local to us) to identify it. Difficult to see in this position but it actually was missing a front leg. It didn’t seem to bother it though!

– Maverik

Best Plant: Jacqueline

Congratulations Jacqueline!

The common yellow Russula mushroom and the water lily I found both on a camping trip in Nova Scotia so I took a photo. The Wood Bison was at a national park called Elk island. The island is famous for wood bison. The Lilly are easy to identify and the mushroom was hard. I had to look at several websites.

– Jacqueline

Best Other Living Thing: Emerson

Congratulations Emerson!

We went on a road trip to Tofino and saw hundreds of starfish at Cox Bay during low tide! It was so amazing! These are ochre sea stars and come in shades of purple and orange. We used our wildlife identification card to find out what they were!

– Emerson

Great job Earth Rangers on some fantastic photos! Missed out on this contest? You can still accept the Backyard Bio mission on the app to learn more about the importance of citizen science & get access to guides that will help you identify interesting plants and animals in your backyard!