Eco All-Star #4: Paul Nicklen


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Photo:Steve Jurvetson

Name: Paul Nicklen 

Born: July 21, 1968

Environmental Role: Photographer, filmmaker, author, marine biologist 

When it comes to incredible underwater photography, Paul Nicklen is your guy! He’s taken photos and captured footage of walruses, elephant seals, whales and so many more amazing animals. But his work is more than just pretty pictures. They tell a story about how climate change and biodiversity loss is impacting animals on our planet. Now,  Paul spends a lot of his time exploring the world’s oceans with his camera! Talk about a neat job!

Paul Nicklen Eco All-Star Fast Facts:

1.Paul Nicklen first found his love for nature growing up in the tiny Inuit town of Baffin Island in Canada’s Arctic Circle.

2. In 2014, Paul co-founded SeaLegacy, an organization that uses photography and footage to bring awareness to ocean conservation and climate change!

3. Paul has published several books including Born to Ice and Polar Obsession, which  focus on the lives of animals in the polar regions.

4. Paul has received over 30 of the highest awards given to conservation photographers including the World Press Photo for Photojournalism.

5. Paul has held several TED talks on his work as a photographer and on the science of conservation.

Paul’s work connects people and science through the power of photography. His images have helped spread awareness for so many environmental issues, and he’s shone a light on rare animals that aren’t often photographed. His work with Sealegacy continues to inspire positive environmental change for the world’s oceans. Not only does his work help the environment, but it’s beautiful to look at! 

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