Peculiar Animal Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Homeroom What a Peculiar Animal Contest!

Ms. Mason’s Grade 2 Class

Buena Vista School, Saskatoon, SK

Meet Metztli who lives in the Coral Reef

It has a snapping turtle mouth. It can break the spines. It has a dolphin tail so it can swim fast.

The Earth Rangers Homeroom community is brimming with creativity! All of the submissions included very imaginative adaptations and show just how many ways there are for animals to adapt to their environments.

For example, here are two different animals living on the Twin Islands:


Louise Roberts’ Grade 3 class
École New Era School, Brandon, Manitoba

Its webbed feet allow it to swim and float on water and walk on sand. Its sharp teeth break coconuts and crabs. Its whale tail allows it to swim fast.


Ms. Andrade’s Grade 6 Class
St Helen School à Toronto, ON

The Frawshter has adapted to the Twin Islands by utilizing some of its structural and behavioural adaptations to help it survive. It can camouflage into its surroundings. Also, the shark tail helps it to swim very fast in the water. Furthermore, his lizard legs enable him to grip things easily. Having the speed of a lion enables it to escape its predator – the crocodile.

And two different animals living in the Downpour Rainforest:


Teddy Fiolka, Grade 3, Homeschool
Calgary, AB

It can fish with its basilisk legs. Its monkey tail is prehensile and can help it eat bird eggs. Its crocodile mouth eats the fish so it doesn’t slip away from its sharp teeth. It has adapted to live on land or water. Its other tail stores fat for later in case of food shortage.


Ms Page’s Grade 5 Class
Ellen Fairclough Primary School Markham, ON

Our peculiar animal can adapt to the Downpour rainforest because the rainforest has a lot of water and our animal has a whale tail and alligator legs which makes it easier to swim. Our animal is an omnivore. Since our animal lives in a forest there is lots of grass and other animals like fish. Our animal’s scaly legs keep him nice and warm. Next, our animals sense of smell is very good. Our animal can smell threats, food and other things. Swafbat is amazing at camouflaging using his turtle back. It also helps our animal swim faster. Swafbat’s eyes are perfect for night vision. It can see everything. Fun fact: The front legs of an alligator’s legs has 5 toes and the back has 4.

Once again, thank you to everyone who participated! There were so many wonderful submissions.

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