Say thank you to these Treerific allies!


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When you think of the things trees do for us, what comes to mind? Do you think about… 

  • Shade on a hot day
  • Delicious fruit like apples and oranges
  • All the animals that call trees home
  • Taking a great big breath of fresh air, or
  • The paper and wood we use every day?

It’s clear trees do a lot for us, but one thing they do is more important than all the rest. Every day, trees help us by sucking up harmful greenhouse gases from the air. This makes them Treerific allies in the fight against climate change. 

Join the Tree Hugger Challenge and we’ll show you how you can be a friend to trees while fighting climate change! You’ll do things like…

Eat less meat
Send e-cards
Give paper a second life

Borrow from the library

We’ve set our goal to the highest level yet! When we log 100,000 habits as a group, we’ll help plant a whole bunch of trees! Will you help us?

Become a tree BFF with the Tree Hugger Challenge!