As a huge nature buff, Earth Ranger Emma loves spending time in national parks. But there are so many amazing parks across North America that it’s impossible to see them all. Or is it? Emma turns an unwelcome order to “take things easy for a while” into an opportunity to fulfil one of her life-long dreams: To start an ultimate ranking guide to National Parks of North America.

Are you travelling to a National Park this year? Or are you planning a camping trip but haven’t decided on where to go? Check out the list below and listen in for some great reviews and insider tips!

Grounded ???

Number One has put Emma on a mandatory holiday to make sure she does not get overworked, but our intrepid reporter is not having it! Instead of taking a quiet holiday, Emma is going to check off an item on her bucket list: to explore national parks in Canada and the USA. She’ll see the sights, learn about the plants and animals in each place, and, maybe (just maybe) find a moment or two to relax.

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Check out these cool parks!

Ever wanted to explore different National Parks? Maybe this bucket list can help you learn a thing or two about them!

Yosemite – USA

Greetings from Yosemite National Park, the first stop on Earth Ranger Emma’s epic adventure and relaxing vacation! She’s having an excellent time hiking around and learning all about the animals and plants that call this place home.

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Pacific Rim – Canada

Greetings from Pacific Rim National Park, in beautiful British Columbia. It’s time to dive in and hop into Emma’s kayak as she explores the epic wildlife on these rugged shores.

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Wapusk – Canada

Welcome back to Emma’s ultimate guide to national parks. Today we’re heading north – WAAAAAY north to Wapusk National Park – the land of the polar bears.

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Yellowstone – USA

Yes, yes… We heard you!! Emma got an overwhelming amount of requests to go to explore Yellowstone National Park. Is it worth the hype? Spoiler alert: We sure think so. But beware: Stay out of the splash zone – we’ll go see Old Faithful!

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Bruce Peninsula – Canada

Today Emma is playing a home game: She is visiting Bruce Peninsula National Park in Ontario, Canada – a place that she knows extremely well because this is where she used to go camping with her parents when she was little. Does she still know her way around this small but exciting gem of a park?

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Zion – USA

Emma finally makes her way to Zion National Park where she meets a familiar face. Tune in for your chance to listen to the first ever recording of “Flyin’ with Ryan”

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Gros Morne – Canada

Waddaya at, listeners? That’s nefinese for “hello”, or “what’s up”. What’s nefinese? The slang spoken in Newfoundland. Emma is excited to explore the magnificent Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, Canada, but watch out: It looks like she’s about to into stumble a sticky mishap. Tune in to find out more.

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Everglades – US

Alligators, sharks, crocodiles, pet-shop pythons and underwater cows… Today’s national park seems like it was designed by a mad scientist! Welcome to the Everglades. Hope you packed your swamp survival kit!

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Waterton Peace Park– US and Canada

It’s the final episode of Emma’s whirlwind tour of North America’s National Parks. Well… for now. There are still lots of great parks left to explore, so keep the suggestions coming and maybe Emma I can do another round next year!

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Have you visited any of the parks Emma went to? What did you love about them? Are there any you’d like to check out yourself? Let us know your adventures, and which of those Emma went on that you loved the most in the comments below!