Stopping Food Waste Is BERRY Important!


New Challenge alert! Want to learn how you can enjoy your food’s taste without any of the waste? Look for “All Taste No Waste” in the Challenges section of the Earth Rangers App!

Every year, 2.2 million tonnes of perfectly good food ends up in the trash… in Canada alone. That’s like throwing away the weight of 1000 elephants EACH DAY! When leftovers, fruits, and veggies end up in landfills, they release greenhouse gases as they break down. This contributes to climate change and hurts the planet.  

When you join this challenge, you’ll see how easy it is to fight food waste! Before you know it, you’ll be able to…

Upcook leftovers
Be a clean plate champion
Stop the fuzz
Think before you toss
Make black gold
Be a produce picking pro
Eat foods in season

We’ve raised the bar even higher this time! When we log 120,000 habits as a group, we’ll launch the All Taste, No Waste cookbook, made just for you! Will you help us?

Team up with other kids across Canada by joining the All Taste No Waste Challenge now! When we work together, climate change doesn’t stand a chance.