The Swift Fox Returns — Let’s Save Their Habitat!

Hey, Earth Rangers! I’m Peter Soroye. I’m a researcher working with Wildlife Conservation Society Canada. And I’m on a mission: to identify and help protect Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs), like the Saskatchewan grasslands where swift foxes live!

Swift foxes definitely live up to their name — they can run up to 37 miles per hour! They’re one of the smallest of the fox family, and they’re about the size of a housecat. Their fur is yellowish-red, gray, and black. Swift foxes spend a lot of their time underground in dens, where they can hide from predators and raise their young. They appear above ground at night to hunt for rodents, birds, and insects, though they’ll also eat fruits, grasses, and even prey killed by other animals. These little foxes can make a meal out of just about anything!

Swift foxes disappeared from Canada around the 1930s, after so much of the grassland where they lived was turned into farmland. But in the 1980s and 90s they were reintroduced, so Canada now has a more stable population. Talk about making a comeback!

But there’s still a long way to go before swift foxes are no longer at risk. Most of Canada’s grasslands have been lost, and they’re continuing to disappear due to human development and climate change. In fact, the Canadian grasslands are one of the most endangered ecosystems on Earth. We need to do all we can to help. In my work with Wildlife Conservation Society Canada, I’m working with a team that’s making sure we know where swift foxes live, so that we can makes sure we’re giving them the best protection possible. By adopting a swift fox, you can help, too!

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