World’s Best Climbers


Rock climbers are brave and daring, willing to fight against gravity and challenge themselves to get to the top. Their fluffy coat keeps them warm and their hooves help them grip…

*record scratch*

Oh! Did you think we were talking about humans? Nah! We’re talking about bighorn sheep! They are just one of the incredible climbers in the animal kingdom. Check out this list of some of our favourites!

Bighorn sheep

Bighorn sheep are impressive climbers and it’s all thanks to their hooves. These hooves have a hard outside that is perfect for digging into the ground, and a rough soft bottom that helps the sheep grip onto narrow cliff ledges.


Ever wonder what gives them their expert climbing ability? It’s teeny-tiny hairs (called setae) on the bottom of their feet. The molecules in these hairs are attracted to the molecules in the surface they’re climbing. This lets them climb almost anything!


These reptiles can climb tall trees and cliffs, and they do it without limbs! The trick has to do with the muscles in their underside. They use them to grip on to the edges of rocks or bark. One part holds on tightly, and the other slithers up the surface.


Just like spiders, geckos have teeny-tiny hairs (called setae) that help them stick to things. They can stick and unstick these hairs very quickly. This lets them scurry up walls, cling onto glass and even hang upside-down from the ceiling!


Whether it’s mountain or billy, goats truly are our #climbinggoals. Just like bighorn sheep, the secret lies in their hooves. They are wide and rough, which give them balance and grip. They are also expert jumpers. It’s not unusual to see them on cliffs, in trees or even on top of each other!

Be inspired by the bighorn sheep and the rest of these amazing climbers. Join the Earth Defence Squad and use your super climbing skills to help fight climate change!

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