Save the Eastern wolf, river otter, and moose!

Hi, I’m Megan Quinn, the Coordinator of Conservation Biology with the Nature Conservancy of Canada. My team and I are working in the Frontenac Arch, a region of forests, wetlands, and lakes in Eastern Ontario. It’s home to all kinds of animals, including eastern wolves, river otters, and moose!

Eastern wolves live in the forest, roaming in packs and communicating with each other using howls and barks. They prey on plant-eating species like beavers, deer, and moose, so wolves play a key role in keeping the forest ecosystem balanced. But they’re not solely carnivores. In the summertime, eastern wolves have been known to snack on blueberries. That’s one of my favorites, too!

River otters have adapted to live in all sorts of aquatic habitats, so they’re found in rivers, lakes, and wetlands across Canada. They have streamlined bodies, water-repellent fur, webbed feet, and even third eyelids that help them see underwater. River otters are amazing swimmers — they can dive up to 60 feet and can hold their breath underwater for up to eight minutes!

Moose are the largest members of the deer family, and they live near bodies of water all over Canada. Male moose have antlers that span up to six feet. These creatures are herbivores, so they only eat plants like shrubs, pinecones, and aquatic plants. Moose are also excellent swimmers; they swim to beat the heat and can dive to search for food. They can stay afloat for several miles at a time!

In our work with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, my team and I are doing all we can to study and protect the Frontenac Arch, as it’s such an important ecosystem. The more we learn, the more we can do for the eastern wolves, river otters, moose, and other wildlife that live there. But we need lots of help!

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