Mission Objective:

Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge (ATK) describes the unique knowledge systems held by Indigenous Peoples. It encompasses knowledge about cultural, environmental, economic, political and spiritual interrelationships, and is passed down from generation to generation through storytelling and art. Through the ATK in Action Mission, kids will learn about the important role Indigenous Peoples play in Canadian conservation. They will then participate in the tradition of storytelling by asking an Elder in their life to share a story about nature or animals, and create a work of art to represent that story using traditional Indigenous animal symbols.

To complete this Mission, kids will…

  • Read through the Mission Brief to learn about ATK.
  • Ask an Elder (grandparent, parent, aunt or uncle, etc.) to share a story or teaching about nature.
  • Read through the Mission Brief to find an animal that represents the theme of the story they heard.
  • Create a piece of art featuring the animal they chose.

Mission Items:

When members accept this Mission, they receive a Mission Brief and get access to a story about helping animals that can guide them as they complete their Mission.

What Kids Think: