A banner year for badgers!


Guess what, Earth Rangers? Last year we asked you to band together for badgers who needed your help, and thanks to your amazing support, our partners at Nature Conservancy Canada (NCC) did a ton of amazing work for these animals under threat.

British Columbia’s Kootenay River Ranch is home to some of the province’s few remaining badgers, but its shift from a mix of open grassland habitat to a more densely forested landscape was making it less ideal for badgers who need grasslands to survive. NCC is working hard to restore the grassland habitat by doing things like thinning dense tree thickets and planning controlled wildfires to mimic the ones that happened more in the past, and they made some awesome progress last year. Here’s some highlights!

  • Successfully thinned 144 hectares of open forest habitat
  • Treated 64 different sites for invasive plants, removing things like knapweed, cinquefoil, and hawkweed – all species that make it harder for native grasses to survive
  • Installed deer guards to protect young vegetation from hungry deer!
Besides being amazing habitat for animals like the American badger, the Kootenay River Ranch provides some amazing views too!

But the work is not done yet… which is why we’re excited to announce this amazing project will continue this year! NCC is planning to thin an additional 98 hectares over the winter and into the spring, and we are excited to keep supporting their incredible efforts.

Join the hundreds of Earth Rangers who supported the badger project last year by purchasing a Wildlife Adoption Kit today!