A special thank you message from our Northern Project researchers!


Hi Earth Rangers! Last year we supported 3 amazing animals as part of the Northern Project: the Polar Bear, Arctic Fox, and Thick-Billed Murre. We asked for your help and boy did you answer!

Together over 2,000 Earth Rangers supported these projects, raising nearly $70,000 for important research that will help protect these cute creatures for years to come.

When we told our project researchers Tyler Ross and Emily Choy, they were over the moon excited and so thankful for all your help! Here’s what they had to say:

This year, we’ve got a TON of new and exciting Wildlife Adoptions projects on the go – check them out here!

Thanks Earth Rangers!

Still want to help protect some of the Arctic’s most amazing animals? Check out this year’s Northern Project! We’ve partnered up on two new projects to keep helping Polar Bears and Arctic Foxes, and new for 2021 is the Beluga Whale Project! Click here to learn more and keep up the awesome work 🙂


    • Hey its not a game its an app to help the environment and help animals who are endangered u fan adopt a animal kit for 40 dollars and a virtual kit of animals for 10 dollars and u can do missions and send pics about u doing it here in wild wire u can comment to level up I hope I gave an idea later