Ask an Expert: Arctic Fox Researcher Interview


In our last “Ask an Expert”, we asked you to send in questions for real-life Arctic fox researcher, Kayla Buhler. Wow, did you ever listen!? We got over 200 questions! Now, we couldn’t ask Kayla all of them—that interview would take all day—but we did get to ask her a whole bunch!

Press play to check out the interview! You’ll find out if your question was asked AND learn a lot about fluffy white foxes from the north. Psst! You’ll also get to meet one of our FASTEST Animal Ambassadors!

Want to support Kayla’s research? Look for the Arctic fox in the Adoptions section of the Earth Rangers App.

You’ll have another chance to “Ask an Expert” at the end of November.

Our next “Ask an Expert” will be all about peatlands and the amazing animals that call it home: wood frog, polar bear, and caribou. Start thinking of your questions now!

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