Thank you Wolverine Warriors!


Wolverines are one of our fave wild and wily animals, but they need our help! Climate change and habitat loss are making it harder for them to find the massive territories they need to call home. That’s why we called on you, Earth Rangers, to help, and we’re happy to report you did just that – in a big way!

Last year, over 1,000 of you pledged to protect Wolverines, and you raised over $10,000 to help researcher Mirjam Barrueto as she worked to learn more about the Wolverines that make their homes in Canada’s Rocky Mountains. We thought that was pretty incredible, and so did Mirjam! Here’s what she had to say:

Thanks for answering the call, Earth Rangers! We couldn’t have done it without you ūüôā

The Wolverine Project was generously supported by: