To hibernate or not to hibernate…


That is the question!

In honour of the changing seasons, get 80% off grizzly bear and wolverine digital adoption kits – that’s just $2 per kit!  Funds will support important conservation efforts for both species in western Canada.

The days are getting shorter and the leaves are getting browner, which means winter is coming!  And just like people, some animals are really into winter and some not so much.  In fact, two of our Adoption Projects are for animals who handle winter in completely different ways. 

First, let’s talk about wolverines.  Wolverines are built for winter, with dense fur that is coated with a special oil that prevents snow and water from sticking to it and freezing.  They also have big paws that act like snowshoes so that they can walk on deep snow, and powerful claws that help them climb up steep hills even when covered in snow and ice.

They use their strong sense of smell to find food dug deep beneath the snow throughout the winter and their sharp teeth allow them to crunch through frozen meat and bone.  Because of all these amazing adaptations, wolverines don’t need to hibernate, but females will dig dens in the snow to protect their young from the cold.

Next up, grizzly bears!  Grizzlies start packing on the pounds in the fall to prepare for winter hibernation, which can last anywhere from 4-7 months!  Male grizzlies tend to hibernate for a shorter period, whereas females with newborn cubs hibernate the longest. 

The amount of food a grizzly is able to eat prior to hibernating and temperatures in the spring can impact when the bears start and stop hibernating.  For example, if they’ve had a lot to eat they might start a little early or if it’s quite warm the spring, they may leave the den earlier than if it was still very cold.  Grizzly bears hibernate in dens that they create each year by digging – they rarely use a den twice. 

So who are you more like, a wolverine or a grizzly bear?  Do you like the cold or would you rather hide under the covers? 

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