Welcome to The Meadoway

Earth Rangers, did you know that every time you adopt an animal on the Earth Rangers app, you’re funding projects that help real animals all over the world?  It’s true! One of those projects is called The Meadoway, and we are super excited to tell you how it’s going.

A Little Recap
The Meadoway is located in Scarborough, Ontario. It’s a large piece of land that the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) is working hard to transform into a biodiverse green space for animals, insects and people to enjoy. This BIG project has four parts: restoring the meadow, constructing a trail, community learning, and sharing information with the public. Let’s look at each part and see what wonderful work has been done so far, with the support of terrific Earth Rangers like you!

Restoring the Meadow
Currently, The Meadoway is mostly covered in short grass. That means it doesn’t provide much shelter for animals or food for pollinators. In order to make the area more biodiverse, TRCA has been planting native wildflowers, grasses and shrubs. They’re working on seeding different sites in The Meadoway this year, in the hopes that they’ll see a beautiful meadow starting to grow by next year.

Creating a Trail
It’s important to encourage people to have outdoor adventures. That’s why TRCA is constructing a trail that runs through The Meadoway and connects with other trails nearby. Before construction started, TRCA made sure that the trail wouldn’t be disturbing any animals or plants — especially creatures in the local wetlands and the nearby bat population. The trail is going to be an awesome place for people to walk, hike and enjoy the outdoors!

Children running on meadow at sunset

Teaching the Community
Before COVID really took hold in Toronto, TRCA hosted nature hikes, science programs and a snowshoe event. Since in-person programs are on hold for now,  the TRCA Education and Community Learning team has been reaching out to local schools by sharing online presentations and virtual field trips. Isn’t technology wonderful?

Telling The Story
The TRCA team has been spreading the great news about The Meadoway by using social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), and a blog, webinars and a website. It’s important that everyone knows about The Meadoway, because when social distancing is over, they’ll definitely want to visit!

Proud to Help
Earth Rangers, a project like The Meadoway is critical to help preserve native animal and plant species and to increase biodiversity. We couldn’t do these projects without your help and support, so a HUGE thank you to all of you!

This project is generously supported by:

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To learn more, visit www.foundation.trca.ca/support/themeadoway


  1. Oh wow! All of this sounds really awesome and interesting. I live in the United States and I wish that I could visit. I enjoy learning about biodiversity and everything you mentioned in this blog. Please make everything wheelchair accessible too! We would like to enjoy just as much as everyone else! Thank you!