Wolverine name game: the final round!!


We carefully collected HUNDREDS of your entries. We sent them to our wolverine expert for her scientific review. And now, we are down to the FINAL FIVE names for our Name a Wolverine contest!

Earth Rangers teamed up with University of Calgary researcher Mirjam Barrueto to learn more about the habitat needs of wolverines in western Canada. Mirjam is using motion sensor cameras, hair traps, and other methods to collect information to learn about wolverine populations, habitat quality, and how human activities are impacting where wolverines choose to live and build their dens. Once she has collected this information, it will be easier to manage how the mountain lands they are living in will be used and make sure we give them the protected space they need for years and years!

We asked YOU to submit your suggestions for two unnamed wolverines living in Mirjam’s study site. Until now, they have just been called Male #8 and Female #12… what a snore!! We had hundreds of really awesome names to choose from. After going through each and every one of your super submissions, we complied a master list and mailed it to our friend Mirjam. She has narrowed it down to only FIVE perfect pairs.

The top picks:

Watson and Wendy
Quill and Millie
Rocky and Rose

Hugh and Jacky
Quill and Cookie

She even sent us this video to share with our team of Earth Rangers across Canada and around the world:

Now, YOU can make the final call!

Now, you’ve seen Mirjam’s feedback on her top five picks, but what do YOU think? If you’re on the Conservation Council, you have the extremely prestigious honour (that means you are extra special) of making the final decision on their names! Just tap the blue adoptions button on your screen and select Conservation Council to vote. If you’re not already on the Conservation Council, it isn’t too late to claim your spot so you can join in the final round of this name game!

What is the Conservation Council?

No big deal, just a super awesome and totally cool elite team of Earth Rangers who get to vote to make decisions about our amazing conservation projects! Okay, it kind of is a big deal, but any Earth Ranger can join the Conservation Council! You can get on the council yourself by earning at least 10 stars through the Wildlife Adoptions Program. Download the Earth Rangers App to learn more about the Conservation Council!