Canada is an incredibly beautiful country. There are vast wildernesses barely touched by people. Parts of it that are still truly wild. But if you truly want to experience the wilds of Canada you have to go North. That’s what this episode is all about. TBH I have always wanted to explore the “wild, wild North”.

The Arctic is one of the most unique places on the planet The Arctic is also home to some of the most fragile ecosystems on the planet. Very specific environmental conditions are necessary to keep it in balance and its particularly vulnerable to rising temperatures… which makes sense… you know, seeing as its defining feature is how singularly cold it is? It’s ground zero for a lot of global warming phenomena; that melting ice cap? Rising Sea levels? Thawing permafrost? We all feel the ripples of these changes, but they make up the very foundation of the arctic ecosystem.

I guess because it’s so far away from where most Canadians live, we don’t think about it that much. It might as well be a totally separate snowy planet in a galaxy far far away…
Since I can’t make it up there myself, I think it’s time to do some at-home research and make a few long-distance calls to way up there!

This episode features conversations with:

Charlotte Irish Charlotte is the Community Climate Coordinator of the Tuktoyaktuk Community Corporation Resilience Project. We chatted a bit about how climate change has been affecting her community waaaaay north in Tuktoyaktuk, Nunavut!
Facebook: @TCCRPClimateCoordinator

David Yurkowski David works in scientific research studying the arctic! Cool! Literally!! We talked about what he’s been working on and what it’s like to live and work up there in such a unique climate.