Extreme weather events like the infamous ~sharknado~ are happening more and around the world!! Okay, I’m kidding about that one specifically, but freak-level weather around the world IS a thing, it IS happening more often, and it IS related to climate change! For realz!

Let me be clear, this bonkers weather isn’t new to our planet. There have always been epic storms and abnormally cold winters. The thing that makes the current situation so alarming is actually the frequency. And they’re not just inconvenient for a moment. They do real, lasting damage, cost millions of dollars, displace people and fundamentally change their homes. Lives can be forever changed after just one dramatic weather incident… so having more and more of them is a super serious problem. So what is the link of this higher frequency to climate change?

Let’s find out.

This episode features conversations with:

Katia Bannister
Katia is the Co-leader of the Cowichan Valley Earth Guardians – a group of teens working in climate activism in BC. She’s passionate about fighting against climate displacement and the loss of indigenous culture and biodiversity. She spoke to us about climate change is threatening life on her small gulf island off the coast of British Columbia.
Facebook: @cvearthguardians

Kathleen Martin
Kathleen is the Executive Director and founding member of the Canadian Sea Turtle Network. She is interested in sea turtles and how communication affects conservation, as well as the link between conservation and economic development. She talks to us about why climate change is such a big threat to sea turtles.
Website: www.seaturtle.ca

Finn Gleichmann
Finn is a German high school student currently living and going to school in Amman, Jordan. He’s been super involved in the eco-conscious community there, organizing and taking part in climate marches, and modeling some seriously awesome eco-lifestyle choices! We asked him to chat with us about how he’s noticed his #desertlife been affected by climate change.

Faith Hunt
Faith is a Canadian highschooler currently living in Saudi Arabia. Living in an oil-rich country, she has focused her eco-conscious efforts mostly on her day to day choices instead of publicly protesting. She has also done some stellar volunteer work in places like Nepal to help build some eco-friendly homes! We chatted with her about what she has noticed climate-wise while living over there, which is quite different from what she was used to here in Canada!