Bighorn Sheep Hike


Bighorn Sheep Hike

Time:60 min Difficulty:Easy  

Get outside and explore by taking a hike inspired by bighorn sheep!

Layer Up!

Bighorn sheep have thick wool that keeps them warm in the chilly temperatures on the mountain! Make sure you bring a sweater or a jacket during your hike so that you can layer up or take it off!

Bring Snacks!

Bighorn sheep are foragers and graze on grasses and shrubs as they move through their habitat! Make sure you pack some trail mix, fruits, and other snacks in case you get hungry!

Wear Comfortable, Sturdy Shoes!

Bighorn sheep have strong hooves that help them to balance on the steep, rocky terrain. Wear sturdy running shoes, sneakers, or hiking boots to protect your feet and help you balance! In the winter, you can wear snow shoes or winter boots!

Stick Together!

Bighorn sheep travel in herds and are always on the lookout for one another. Make sure you stay with your hiking buddies.

Bring Along Supplies!

Bighorn sheep are always alert and on the lookout for things around them. A notebook, binoculars, and an animal tracking guide are great hiking companions. They can help you discover the nature you see along the way!

Enjoy your hike and don’t forget to let us know how it goes!