Outdoor Orchestra


Outdoor Orchestra

Time:60 min Difficulty:Easy  

No instruments? No problem! Get the gang together and head on outside to play some tunes, with a little help from nature. It’s time for a symphony!

Here’s what you need:

  • Friends or family to join your orchestra
  • Your favourite outdoor space

Here’s how you play:

Step 1:

Make your way to your favourite outdoor space. It could be your local park, a walking trail, or even your backyard!

Step 2:

Take some time to track down your instruments. Get creative with it! Anything you see laying around is fair game. A pinecone xylophone, a blade of grass as a kazoo, a fallen bundle of leaves as maracas, small rocks to clap together like a cymbal… the sky is the limit!


Make sure to respect your environment by only using natural items you find laying around instead of ripping up living plants.

Step 3:

Once you have your instruments, gather ’round and start playing! Pick a song and decide who will play each part.

Let the symphony begin!