Emma’s quest for Adelia Goodwin has brought her to the skies above Nicaragua. But how is she going to get down into the jungle if there is no runway in sight. Are Emma’s quick wits and daredevil pilot skills enough to save the day? And what new mysteries await her on the jungle floor?

Many creatures creep through the jungle, one of them being the tamandua, a small member of the anteater family!

Unlike the giant anteater, tamandua cannot gallop across the jungle floor. Instead, they much prefer climbing trees. It has no teeth, but that doesn’t stop it from tearing into termite mounds! This stylish anteater has a black and yellow pattern that makes them look like they’re wearing an awesome snazzy vest! They live in trees and possess special claws and a long tongue for slurping insects and ants.

Were you able to spot the real bird in our fun reverse spot the fake? More than that! It appears Emma might finally meet Adelia! Do you trust these kids? Or is it too good to be true? 

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