Eco-Activity: Handy Tips for a Green Garden


Eating local has tons of benefits, and what could be more local than growing food right in your own backyard?! For today’s eco-activity we’re sharing some tips that will help make your gardening even greener just by repurposing things you already have lying around! Here’s some ideas:

Give fruit crates a new life: Old fruit crates, like the ones that tangerines come in, can be reused as seedling trays, mini garden beds, or handy homes for garden tools to keep you organized

Popsicle sticks: These work great as plant labels – write the name of the plants you’re growing on them with permanent marker and stick them in the ground to keep track of your goodies as they grow!

Plastic berry baskets: Flip these upside down and place over baby plants to protect them from strong winds, harsh sun, and critters tat might snack on those tender leaves! 

Yogurt containers, egg cartons, or old juice/milk containers: These all make great homes for newly planted seedlings! Depending on where you live, you might have to start your seeds indoors until the weather warms, and cutting the tops off old containers is the perfect home for your baby plants

Bottles or jugs with lids: These make the perfect slow-release watering system for your plants! Have an adult poke a hole in the lid of the jug/bottle, fill it with water, close the lid, then flip it upside down in the soil beside a plant that needs frequent watering. Now all you have to do is refill the jug when it’s empty to keep your plants happy and hydrated!

These are just a few tips to get you started, but the sky is the limit: get creative and try to come up with more ways to repurpose materials into handy garden tools!