Eco-Activity: Keeping it eco at the beach


The beach is not only the perfect place to have fun with friends, enjoy the sun, and splash in the water – it’s also an important ecosystem! That’s why it’s important to protect these beachy habitats and do our part to keep them litter-free, so for today’s eco-activity we’ve got 3 ways to have a waste-free day by the water!

1) Pack waste-free snacks

Whether you bring zero-waste snacks from a bulk food store, food already in reusable containers, or nature’s perfectly self-packaged treats like watermelon and oranges (that come in a peel or rind that decomposes!), avoid bringing any plastic to the beach. Even if you don’t intend to leave litter behind, it can easily blow away or be forgotten about amidst all the fun!

2) Bring a reusable water bottle

Don’t forget to stay hydrated, but in the most eco-friendly way possible!

3) Use a reusable beach bag

These always come in handy, and a trip to the beach is no exception! Use a reusable tote bag (bonus points if you DIY one out of old clothes or fabric) to haul all your beach toys, towels, and more!

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