Eco-Activity: Learn all about Lynx!


At Earth Rangers, we’re putting our Ears On to talk about climate change and how it affects animals that we love. Findings from our new eco-anxiety research show some level of concern for the environment can be healthy when it leads to eco-action. So for today’s activity, we want you to learn more about lynxes (one of the animals most threatened by habitat loss and climate change) and ways that you can help protect them. Test your knowledge with this quiz about the lively lynx, Canada’s most elusive cat! The lynx is quite the incredible creature, and there is much to be learned about this Canadian species. Let the quiz begin!

If you want to learn more about the Canadian lynx, and take action to protect our feline friends, check out the Got Your Ears On? campaign! Not only will you find a downloadable set of your very own lynx ears to wear whenever you want to start a conversation about climate change, but you can see what other suggested activities and missions you can complete to help protect lynx, their climate and habitat!