Eco-Activity: Pollinator Power Crossword


Without our pollinator pals we wouldn’t have the delicious fruits and vegetables to eat, beautiful flowers, and many other important plants that support a variety of ecosystems. Pollinators play an important role around the world, but unfortunately they face many challenges due to habitat loss and climate change. For today’s eco-activity, test your knowledge on pollinators and pollinator habitats with the pollinator puzzle below! Can you find all the right pollinators and habitats below and match them to the clues we’ve provided?


1. A flower oasis!  This type of habitat starts with the letter ‘M’.

2. A fluttery pollinator that flits and floats.

3. I’m a small pollinator that has two very fast beating wings, a beak and bright feathers.  What am I?!

4. A powdery, yellow substance that sometimes makes people sneeze!

6. A sugar-rich liquid produced by plants that pollinators like to sip!


5. A sweet, sticky substance produced by bees in the process of pollination.

7. The way us pollinators get around from flower to flower.

8. I’m the colourful part of the flower that draws in all of my pollinator pals.

9. I’m black and yellow, with stripes!  What am I?!

10. The opposite of a “tame” flower.