Eco-Activity: A Grizzly Grid


The great grizzly bear is a magnificent and strong creature; huge paws, sharp claws, and pointy teeth. Despite their strength, and lack of predators, grizzly bears are still under threat all across North America due to habitat loss, poaching and climate change. Grizzly bears require a large habitat range to roam, which is why they feel the effects of a disappearing habitat owing to human development. In order to help out our grizzly bear buddies, it’s important to learn about them and the issues they face. Try to solve this grid of grizzly vocab to learn a little bit about these special bears.

Answer Key

If you want to take action to protect these magnificent creatures, adopt your very own grizzly bear today! By purchasing a grizzly bear plush adoption kit, you help Earth Rangers, The Youssef-Warren Foundation (TYWF) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) support a team of biologists studying grizzly bears in the Yukon, assessing important factors such as grizzly bear population size, habitat use and distribution. This significant research will then help define what the next conservation steps should be to help increase grizzly bears’ protection.