Eco-Activity: Host a post-Halloween clean up!


Halloween is amazing; you get to go trick-or-treating, eat candy, and dress up in super cool costumes, who wouldn’t love it? If you trick-or-treat with a pillowcase, did you know that it can hold around 1600 pieces of candy? That’s a LOT of candy. While all that candy sounds delicious to us, after Halloween, some of these candy wrappers and other Halloween decorations can find their way into our streets, parks, and wild areas. For today’s eco-activity, we’re going to get prepared to properly throw away all the escaped halloween wrappers by organizing a post-Halloween clean up!


1. Decide on when and where you’re going to be having 

your post-Halloween clean up. 

2. Fill out the Halloween Clean Up Email 

3. Email it to your friends, family, and/or neighbourhood with the supervision of your parent(s) or guardian(s). 

4. Don’t have someone’s email? Let them know when you see them! 

Halloween Clean Up Email Template:


Did you know that I’m an Earth Ranger! 

Lots of litter from things like candy wrappers end up on our streets and in our parks after Halloween, which is why I’m inviting you to join my post-Halloween clean up! 

We’re meeting at ___(location)____ at ____(time/date)____ to clean up our neighbourhood!

Here’s what you need to bring:
Reusable gloves
A compostable trash bag
Thank you for helping me keep our neighbourhood clean and keep trash out of the homes of animals!

Looking forward to seeing you there, 

Earth Ranger ____(your name)____