Eco-Activity: Make a pumpkin bird feeder!


Now that Halloween is over, what are you doing with your jack-o’-lantern? Don’t just throw it away; turn it into something new! For today’s Eco-Activity, we’ll show you how to make a pumpkin bird feeder for our flying friends!


1. Cut your jack-o’-lantern in half.

2. To make the first perch, push one of the sticks through the wall of the pumpkin, leaving enough room for a bird to stand on.

3. To make the second perch, repeat step 2 but on the opposite side of the pumpkin.

4. Put your two ropes together and tie a knot in the middle.

5. Place your pumpkin over top of the knot and spread the rope out evenly. When you pick up the rope, it should cradle the pumpkin.

6. Put the tack through the knot in the rope and into the pumpkin to make sure it stays in place.

7. Decide where you want to hang your bird feeder. It could be off a tree branch or even a hook outside. Hang your birdfeeder up by tying the ends of the rope together.

8. Fill the pumpkin with bird seed and see who stops by!