Eco-Activity: Plug in and chill out!


Plug in & Chill out!
Want some quiet time indoors but don’t want to go totally radio silent? Looking for company while you take a stroll around the neighbourhood? Discover these two awesome podcasts and take Earth Rangers with you wherever you go! 

Earth Rangers Podcast

Join Earth Ranger Emma, a wildlife biologist and roaming reporter for our kids podcast. This award-winning show is great for families who love to explore the mysteries of nature. Listen along as she explores the deep jungle, the frozen Arctic and splashes around wetlands, all in the name of science! Listen carefully because Emma has a bonus code to share to unlock something awesome in the Earth Rangers App! We suggest starting with episode 1 and working your way through the whole library over the weeks ahead! Kids can leave a message for Earth Ranger Emma here to request topics or enter the new contest by sharing a real life animal encounter story. Find this podcast in our Earth Rangers App or anywhere you get your podcasts. Click here to learn more!

The Big Melt

Teenagers these days know that climate change is altering everything… and Sarah has something to say about that! Join her as she breaks down the what’s, when’s, how’s and why’s of climate change. Whether she’s reaching out to teens that are changing the world, discovering brilliant minds that are reimagining the future or getting down to business with eco-entrepreneurs, she’s not afraid to ask the tough questions! Episodes 1-6 are available now and more will be released in the coming weeks! Plus, take a quick survey for a chance to win a custom T-shirt. Start with episode 1 for some key background information. Click here to learn more!

Listen and subscribe to either (or both!!) through any of your favourite podcast services, so you’ll be one of the first to hear new episodes as they are released!