Eco-Activity: Sea Lion or Seal LYIN’?


Sea Lion or Seal LYIN’?

Both sea lions and seals, along with their walrus cousins, are pinnipeds, which mean “fin-footed“ in Latin. It refers to the marine mammals that have both front and rear flippers. These awesomely-adapted animals live in the ocean but are able to come on land for long periods of time.

They might look similar, but there are some very key differences between them.

Are you enough of an animal expert slash detective to tell which of these statements came from a SEA LION and in which ones we were actually a SEAL LYIN’?

Test your sea lion detection skills with this fun quiz!

Plus, if you truly ARE an animal expert slash detective, you’ll get our official SEAL of approval: you’ll be rewarded with a secret code for the Earth Rangers App!!

Sea lions around the world will rejoice, clapping their fins in celebration of your master skills!

Wanna lend a helping fin to some Patagonian sea lions in need? You can help support important research to protect this unique species by purchasing a Patagonian Sea Lion Wildlife Adoption Kit!

Plushie adoption kits are only $40 and include a certificate and a poster, and when you make your purchase through the Earth Rangers App your child will also earn points to help them level up on their Earth Rangers journey—plus a set of virtual rewards they can show off!

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