Eco-Activity: Go Winter Bird Watching!


Have you ever heard the sound of birds chirping in the winter? We know many birds fly south when it gets colder, but some stay put. For today’s Eco-Activity, see if you can find some signs of these winter-loving birds! 


Step 1: Make a chart like the one below so you can keep track of what you see and hear. It’s a good idea to leave some extra spaces so you can add any other signs of birds you see, like a nest. 

Step 2: Grab a pen, and head out into your local forest or nature area. Make sure to dress warmly (wool socks are a good idea)!  

Step 3: Make a note of how many times you hear a bird, see a bird, or see signs of a bird. Bonus points if you can identify what kind of bird you saw! 

Take some photos of your winter bird watching adventure and share them with us on social media!