Eco-Activity: The Grocery Sprint


Trying to become more aware of your carbon footprint? Then this is challenge is for you! A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted into the atmosphere owing to an individual’s or group’s consumption of fossil fuels. To reduce our carbon footprints, we can do all sorts of things, like eat local, be aware of energy usage and try to limit how often we use vehicles! For this activity, walk or take your bike to the grocery store instead of a car, and load up on some fresh food to help shrink your carbon footprint.

Tips for your grocery sprint:

  • Make sure you’re with a parent or guardian
  • If you’re biking or taking a scooter, always wear a helmet!
  • If possible, bring put a basket on your bike or bring along a wagon to store all your grocery goods. If not, a backpack will also do the trick!
  • Save the heavier items (such as canned goods, sacks of flour etc.) for another time to make the ride back more comfortable.
  • Look for foods grown and produced in Canada that didn’t have to travel from far away to get to the store.
  • Don’t forget your reusable produce bags and carrying bags!